Thank you for your interest in Sun Tours

Sun Tours provides perfectly tailored vacation experiences for all types of travelers: individuals, couples, families and groups. Our services include a full line of vacation components: hotels, car rentals, flights, Transfers, Attractions, Tours, Events, Festivals and much more.

Why Sun Tours?

Unique Experiences: Our highly specialized and experienced team of Travel Experts will assist you throughout each step of the planning process, from the first stage of researching your destination to your return home. All our trained staff and management team have visited and researched each product we sell to make sure you get the best possible advice for your trip according to your personal needs and budget. With several years of experience in the Travel industry, our Experts have not only visited every destination and hotels once but several times every year so we know each destination inside out.

Customized for you: You have the Flexibility and Choice to create your own unique experience, just decide how, where, when and how long then contact your Travel Agent. Sun Tours will take care of the rest for you.

The Best Value for your money: We personally review and select all of our offerings to bring you the very best.

Price: Our products offer you the best value for your money in the industry, but in the unlikely event that you find the same product available with the same conditions with any of our competitors, we will match the price, just ask your Travel Agent to contact us on your behalf.

Protection: Your money is protected with Sun Tours. Our office is located in Ontario where you will find the most stringent travel legislations and regulations in the world. Your funds are protected through the Travel Industry Compensation Fund when you purchase from us. Even if you are not a resident of Ontario or Quebec and you book with us, you are protected by this fund. Residents in provinces other than BC, Ontario, and Quebec have better protection through Sun Tours than through a local travel wholesaler/tour operator, as the remaining seven provinces and territories have no travel legislation. Our license with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) is 50017038. For more info go to www.tico.on.ca

Extras, Upgrades and Exclusives: We are highly respected by our suppliers and they in turn extend VIP treatment to our travelers. We have special access to hundreds of unique offers and packages, including extras, upgrades, specials and more.

Customer Support Throughout Your Trip: We provide support during your trip and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with last minute arrangements.

Help with Things Outside Your Control: While no one wants to think about it, everyone knows the unexpected can happen on vacation – missed connections, late arrivals, lost luggage. We take care of bumps in logistics so you can get back to enjoying your trip.

Sun Tours is a proudly independent and 100% Canadian-owned travel wholesaler/tour operator that will offer you the best deals available from all suppliers, whereas our competitors are owned and controlled by foreign companies or suppliers therefore they will make you buy their own products, despite the fact that there may be a better deal for your money elsewhere.

Sun Tours is located at 30 Lesmill Road, Unit 5. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. M3B 2T6. TICO Licenses: Wholesale: 50017038 | Retail: 50024807

All our products are only sold though retail travel agencies. Please contact your local travel agent.